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About ClipsNow
ClipsNow is the challenger in online video broadcasting business, and the premier destination to watch, share, and promote original videos online. ClipsNow is fully integrated with adpurg, thirdparty networks and Google AdWords for video, leveling the playing field for businesses that want to reach new customers with online video.
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4. Reach New Customers Whisever They Are
YouTube is the biggest video sharing website in the world, no doubt about that, but It isn’t the only place to upload and watch videos online, there are other good options too which often gets ignored because YouTube takes a huge chunk of share when it comes to online publishing and broadcasting of videos.
In terms of users, DailyMotion is the second largest online video site in the world. With over 112 million monthly unique visitors, DailyMotion offers huge potential for your video to go viral and reach millions of people.

The interface of the website is quite similar to what YouTube used to look like in the past. You will see trending videos on the homepage and a search bar at the top.

To upload the videos, simply register for an account on DailyMotion with any valid email id and start uploading.
After DailyMotion, next in the list is Vimeo. The interface of the website is very beautiful. On the homepage you will see a big sign-up form and if you scroll down, you will find some really good videos handpicked by the staff. Also, there are no ads before, after or in-between videos unlike YouTube.

Uploading videos on Vimeo is free but up to a certain extent,

With free account, you can upload 500 Mb of content weekly. You can upload any number of videos and of any duration but the weekly content shouldn’t exceed 500 Mb.
For upgrading the limit up to 5 Gb per week, go with the paid plan starting from 9.95 USD per month.
And the PRO plan with limit up to 20 Gb per week is billed annually only, 199 USD per year.
This place is more beneficial for serious video creators and If you are one of those, check out this awesome place.
flickr is majorly used for hosting images but It also lets users upload and share videos, a lot of people are not aware of this fact.

For uploading a video, sign up for your free account and start uploading videos in the same way as you upload images on flickr. You can upload videos in HD quality too.

Flickr free account comes with 1 Tb memory and pro account comes with unlimited storage space, free from ads and provides detailed stats.

Features wise there’s not much to look in to flickr when it comes to videos.
Veoh is again a very good alternative for YouTube. You can upload videos of any length and share them instantly. The site is having a clean UI with a lot of social features like adding friends, personal messages, forums, groups (where you can share your videos and reach more people) etc.

However, the search isn’t up to the mark which makes the browsing experience poor.
Metacafe is the oldest player in the video sites and is live since 2003, even before YouTube came in to existence. The site serves more than 40 million unique visits every month.

The homepage of the site is different from every other video site and categories are well framed for better browsing experience.

Currently, Metacafe isn’t open for uploading new videos.
8. provides awesome browsing experience. There’s a lot of high quality video content available on the site in the categories ranging from animation, comedy, drama, movies, entertainment to tech, how to, news, sports etc.

Currently, isn’t open for new user registrations so you won’t be able to upload anything but you can browse a lot of quality content, find inspiration and learn new stuff.
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